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David Wiseman: Farewell & Celebrating 30 Years

It is with mixed feelings that we are now announcing the impending retirement of our former Managing Director, David Wiseman.

David joined the firm in April 1992. Back then, his youthful enthusiasm and beaming smile, along with his professional and supportive attitude, made an immediate impact on the firm.

Now 30 years on, he remains a highly respected and valued member of the team, from both a business and personal perspective. David will be deeply missed by everyone here at Y Partners.

Whilst many of you reading this may think of David as an accountant, even more of you may think of him as a counsellor, or a friend. Caring for people has always been his priority.

Under David’s leadership the firm has evolved in many ways. Most notably through the change of name from Freer Parker to Y Partners, which was designed to stimulate discussion around personal philosophy and objectives, and through our merger with Leedam Sheppard & Associates Pty Ltd, which is now Y Partners Wealth & Advisory Pty Ltd.

This month marks his 30-year anniversary with us.

We sincerely thank David for his time, dedication and commitment to Y Partners and its clients throughout his 30 years. We owe him a lot for making Y Partners what it is today, and we wish him all the best for the future.

I have been talking to many of you about my plans to retire for some time and I am now ready to take on my “third life”. My plans will include my family and friends, my sports, cars, hobbies, and some travel when we can, and they are not necessarily in any particular order of importance. I have been reflecting back on the personal and business relationships that have developed over the last 30 years through my involvement with Freer Parker and more recently, Y Partners, they are remarkable to say the least. I am very humbled by their longevity with many running the full 30 years and others running into the third generation of their families. I am truly grateful for the opportunity you have given me to work with you. Over the years, friends have become clients and clients have become friends and I value the time that we have had together dearly, and I hope I get to socialise with you into the future. I know I have left you in good hands. We have a great team at Y Partners and I’m very thankful for their support over the years as they have helped me work with you to achieve your goals. Scott, Ben & Nicole are smart, engaging, and personable and I am sure that as your relationship with them develops, you will feel comfortable in their hands. My wife, Catherine, deserves a special mention as she has been by my side throughout this journey. Thank you all for placing your trust in me and I wish you well for the future.

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