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Our Values

We value and embrace diversity in all its forms.


Seeking and appreciating others opinions, backgrounds and cultures.

Being present and positively engaging in conversation.

Zero tolerance of disrespectful behaviour.

At Y Partners, we strive to ensure our team, our clients and our community reach their full potential. This is our vision.

Our mission is to empower our community to reach its potential, through educating and providing valuable advice.

Both our vision and our mission are supported by the Y Partners Values:

We seek to earn trust through honesty, vulnerability and maintaining confidentiality.


Holding each other and ourselves accountable for our actions and behaviour.

Delivering on promises.

Being humble and showing humility in all we do.

We seek to proactively understand and support the members of our community.


Providing an environment for everyone to be open, honest, and heard.

Actively listening without judgement.

Validating and offering solutions and support

We live and ask the "Y".


Taking the initiative to investigate, learn and teach.

Being driven to learn.

Feeling comfortable to think outside the box, ask questions and present ideas.


We value sharing knowledge and experience, and working together to get the best outcome.

Demonstrating support, encouraging development and goal achievement across all teams.

Being inclusive and encouraging input.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

We enjoy where we work.


Participating in team bonding and office activities throughout the year.

Encouraging playful and fun vibes within the office.

Motivating positivity each day.

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