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Human Resources

Do you have employees, or are you looking to hire employees, and need some additional support to ensure you are compliant?

Are your HR procedures up to date, and are they in line with best practice?

Do you need assistance with aligning your employees to you and your business?

In line with Y Partners’ holistic approach to business support and advisory, we also have a human resources (HR) specialist, who can not only help you with your accounting advice and taxation needs but can also assist you with your HR requirements, creating alignment between the financial aspect of your business and the people within it.


Our HR specialist Georgi joined Y Partners in 2022. She is a Chartered Accountant and Certified HR Practitioner (CPHR) with the Australian Human Resources Institute. She specialises in aligning your people to your business, and ensuring your HR procedures are compliant with best practice and consistent with your business strategy.


With a focus on both operational and strategic HR practices, Georgi can assist in many areas (detailed below).


Georgi also offers HR reviews, taking a deeper look and providing you with valuable insights and solutions:


  • Compliance HR review

    • Ensuring you are compliant with current HR requirements and best practice.


  • Strategic HR review

    • Ensuring your employees are properly aligned and engaged in your business and your strategy.

Unsure of what support you need? Please fill in the HR Diagnostic tool here and we will be in touch shortly to discuss how we can help you. 

If you would like to know more, please contact Georgi on 08 8110 6400 or click here to email Georgi.

Alternatively, to book in for a HR consultation with Georgi, visit Calendly.

General employment queries

Award classifications Terms of awards (minimum rates of pay, entitlements)

Contracts Payroll enquiries • FairWork compliance


Single role replacement  Assistance with interview and selection process  

On-boarding procedures

HR policies & procedures

Review and creation of employee & HR policies and procedures


Assistance with employee disputes  Grievance consulting  Mentoring


Leadership coaching • Soft skills training  Workforce planning & design (getting the right people in the right roles)

Website Header.jpg

Unsure of what HR support you need? 

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