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Tax & Accounting

In addition to traditional accounting and taxation compliance services, we can also provide holistic business support and advisory including business performance reviews.

We can prepare and lodge tax returns for all entities; from individuals to companies, for businesses and rental properties, and everything in between. Our industry experience spans from real estate and finance to social services and agriculture.


We also offer knowledgeable and technical tax planning and advice for all tax matters, such as income tax, capital gains tax (including utilising the small business concessions) and GST.

We have over 30 years experience working with South Australians and their families to navigate their tax requirements, maximise refunds and mitigate liabilities. We also have extensive experience partnering with small, medium and large businesses (from all types of industries) and helping them navigate the complexities that arise from running a business.

Have you considered having business performance reviews to assess your position and performance each quarter?

We have invested in technology and training to ensure that we can provide you with access to timely, detailed analytics and advice relating to your current business performance. This means we can help improve your business performance now (rather than waiting until the end of the financial year).

At Y Partners we are advocates for not only working 'in' your business, but also working 'on' your business. We understand that running a business sometimes leads you to focus on the day-to-day rather than looking towards the future and preparing for good (and bad times). Ask yourself these questions:


  • How can I improve my profit?

  • How can I increase cash flow?

  • How does my business compare to other similar businesses?
  • Do I have a succession or business sale plan in place?

  • Are my PAYG instalments too high or too low?

  • What is my business worth?

  • Where did my business cash flow go?

  • Are my assets protected?

  • Am I in the right business or investment structure?

  • Do you have all the answers?

All of these issues, and more, can be dealt with through our business performance review process. Get in touch with us to assist in transforming your business and accelerating your progress toward financial freedom.

We love partnering with you; we are proud to be there for you and your business all year.

Signing a Contract

ASIC compliance

We can attend to your annual ASIC company review and compliance requirements. We can also prepare and lodge documentation for your company, such as officeholder appointments and resignations, share transfers, share allotments, address changes, de-registrations and other requirements.

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