At Y Partners, we are conscious of the community that we are a part of.

We support many causes, some of which are championed by our directors, some by team members and some by our clients.

Along with making monetary donations to various charities throughout the year, we also provide our services at discounted rates to various organisations including:

As part of Count Financial, we are also affiliated with The Count Charitable Foundation. The Count Charitable Foundation (CCF) has donated over $6 million to charities in Australia and overseas since its inception in 2004. The CCF dollar matches eligible donations, which means our philanthropic efforts can be doubled for a greater result.

Y Global

Our community work and philanthropy is undertaken under the banner 'Y Global'.

Y Global is primarily focused on:

  • South Australia
  • Health and Welfare
  • Education
  • Organisations where our funding and resources can be directed to support those in need (rather than funding administration costs)

We encourage our team to be positive contributing members of society, and provide paid leave for our team members to work with, and support, charities and similar organisations.


Australian Red Cross Blood Donation: Red25 Group Tally as of 23/05/2018
So far this year, the Y Partners blood donation group has saved 30 lives.