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5 Tax Tips for Individuals

 A few common areas that can trip individuals up when they are preparing their tax returns are:
  1. including all assessable income;
  2. ensuring expenses claimed are deductible;
  3. determining whether superannuation contributions are deductible;
  4. determining Australian tax residency status; and
  5. keeping the right records to support your claims.

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When you're working towards your financial goals, you might be faced with all sorts of hurdles along the way. But could your own behaviour be the biggest stumbling block of them all? 

Becoming financially secure doesn't just happen overnight. First you need a plan, and then you need to put in the hard yards to see it through. 

But even with a watertight financial plan, life has a habit of throwing unexpected challenges our way which steer us off course. In many cases these challenges may be beyond our control, like being retrenched or losing a loved one. But what about the factors you can control, like your own financial behaviour?  Read more…

 Every day, serious issues like climate change, oceanic plastic pollution and threats of species extinction appear on our news feeds. These global challenges are set to impact every area of our lives for years to come – including our financial security.

Overseas, heads of central banks have acknowledged the far-reaching impacts of climate-related financial risks. This year, England's Mark Carney and France's François Villeroy de Galhau both warned of the need to transition to a greener economy to avoid financial risks like infrastructure damage, reduced productivity and huge losses for insurers.1 Read more…